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Field Reviews

In today's market, many loan programs are now requiring a field review appraisal in addition to a standard appraisal. This allows the lender to feel more comfortable with the opinion of value given by the original appraisal.

A field review appraisal includes a visual inspection of the property in question from the street. The neighborhood or area where the property is located is also visually inspected, as well as the comparable sales used.

One reason why a field review appraisal might be required is that the property could be located in an area that just experienced a natural disaster. An area that just realized a natural disaster could have extensive damage done to a home after the initial appraisal was already completed and therefore in order to protect the lender's interest they may require a field review appraisal to be done to make sure the property being financed was not effected by the disaster. This is very common in states such as Florida where the state is effected by Hurricanes every so often.

We provide field reviews for both pre and post-closing audits in Rhode Island and Bristol County Massachusetts.


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