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We are approved to perform appraisals for FHA mortgage transactions.  If you are utilizing the FHA loan program and would like a quote please call us at (401) 300-6846alt="FHA.Gov".

The FHA program is administered by the department of Housing and Urban development (HUD).  Their website is located here:

The FHA loan program has some additional inspection items for the appraiser than many lenders.  This does not mean that your FHA appraisal has to cost significantly more. has competitive pricing.

The purpose of a repair is to correct deficiencies which may effect the safely or health of the occupants and the continued marketability of the property. If possible, we suggest that you make any repairs to your home prior to the appraisal. This will improve the marketability and help the sale or refinance of your home go smoothly.

  1. If the home was built prior to 1978, chipping, peeling paint must be scraped and painted. This includes interior, exterior, garages, sheds, fences, etc.
  2. Roofs should have 2-3 years of useful life remaining and no more than 2 layers of shingles. If it is covered in snow, you must remove snow from a large portion of the roof for inspection by the appraiser.
  3. Broken windows should be replaced.
  4. The cause of wet basements should be cured (i.e., improve drainage away from house, gutters, etc.).
  5. Electric service must be 60 amp or greater. Electric certification may be required if 60 amp appears to be overloaded (i.e., larger than 1000 sq. feet with more than 2 major appliances).
  6. Abandon inoperable wells must be capped and sealed by a licensed well sealing contractor with certification.
  7. Safety handrails should be installed in open stairwells of three or more stairs, both inside and outside.
  8. Infestation of any kind should be exterminated (i.e., insects, mice, bats, etc.).
  9. Damaged or inoperable plumbing, electric and heating systems should be repaired. The appraiser checks these areas.
  10. Structural or foundation problems must be repaired.
  11. Flammable storage tanks must be removed and filler cap sealed from the inside (i.e., buried oil tank).
  12. If there is a crawl space, it will be the home owner's responsibility to make this area accessible so that it can be thoroughly inspected.
  13. Attic space should be made accessible so the appraiser can visually inspect.

Keep in mind that these are the most common repairs. Contact your mortgage broker or lender with any specific questions regarding your property.

It is very important to note that the appraiser does not perform a home inspection and is noting general condition, amenities, and specific items required by the FHA program.  It is not a replacement for a home inspection.

If you are purchasing a home see the HUD guide "For Your Protection- Get a Home Inspection":

Areas we service for FHA Appraisals:

Rhode Island - All Counties

Massachusetts - Bristol County Only....






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